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Pitch Prep Program

All Semifinalist teams participate in a four-week Pitch Prep Program that includes pitch coaching, advice from industry experts and professional graphic design support. The four weeks of prep is one of the most valued aspects of VentureCat for students. 

Teams sharpen their storytelling skills, improve presentation delivery, network with advisors, prepare for rigorous Q&A, and enter competition day with a professionally-designed pitch deck.


“I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with the pitch coaches to hone my delivery and story.  That one-on-one time was a really unique and valuable experience.” -Marcus Schneider, 2020 Semifinalist

“The best parts of VentureCat were coming out of it with a ‘next-level’ deck and a connection to a high-value VC.”
-Bilal Naved, 2020 Semifinalist

“Developing my pitch was a great exercise, and I learned a lot through the mentorship process – not only about pitching, but also what mentors saw as weaknesses my business had and how to address them.”    
-Fernanda Pupe Colaço, 2020 Semifinalist