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2015 Semifinalists & Track Winners

Business Products & Services

MDAR Technologies, Inc. (1st place in BtoB track)
MDAR Technologies, Inc. has developed a next-generation 3D vision system using patent-pending technology and proprietary algorithms.

SparX (2nd place in BtoB track)
SparX Technology will revolutionize current electrical and non-electrical ignition systems by introducing a USPTO patented, 100 percent composite plastic ignition technology that is reusable and not ATF/DOT regulated.

Leal is a digital platform for retailers in Latin America to identify, engage and reward their most valuable customers.

Touchtrail helps game studios and app developers maximize user engagement and customer lifetime value by providing advanced predictive and prescriptive data analytics.

Where’s My Concrete
Where’s My Concrete provides intuitive, cloud-based dispatching software to the concrete industry that differentiates concrete producers from their competitors with best-in-class customer interaction to enhance customer value (real-time tracking), actionable analytics to improve operations, efficiency-enhancing automation to increase profitability, and real-time data to improve decision-making. 

Consumer Products & Services

Snackerie (1st place in BtoC track)
Snackerie was founded to provide the world with a convenient and enjoyable way of eating fruit and living a healthier life.

RateYourBurn (2nd place in BtoC track)
RateYourBurn is an online platform enabling consumers to find and share fitness instructor reviews.

Audiovert was born from customer dissatisfaction with available speaker systems, indistinguishable from one another. At Audiovert, we believe speakers should be more than art you can hear.

BarLift is a mobile app that sends college students and young professionals socially relevant, location-based deals from local bars. 

Cuiserve provides a complete ecosystem of seat management and table reservation tools to help restaurants automate their entire guest handling processes. 

Motxo Wine Co.
Motxo is a new beverage designed to help millennials discover and fall in love with wine drinking. 

Energy & Sustainability

GTrans (1st place in Energy & Sustainability track)
GTrans is developing a thermally responsive separator that will increase the safety of Li-ion batteries.

Hazel Technologies (2nd place in Energy & Sustainability track)
Our mission is to reduce agricultural waste by offering unprecedented control of produce freshness at the retail level.

INjoo Networks
INjoo Networks is the next generation of “smart-building” software. It is based on a breakthrough technology developed at Northwestern University that brings simplicity to building management and reduces energy costs.

LASolar is aiming to make solar investments accessible and hassle-free for everyone, while delivering highly competitive returns.

Triveso steers today’s energy conversation away from focusing on long-term savings and focuses on the direct impact of energy efficiency on a home’s market value.  

Life Sciences & Medical Innovations

OpticentHealth (1st place in Medical track)
Opticent Health is positively impacting healthcare monitoring and delivery through the commercialization of next generation patient-specific technologies that address unmet needs for diseases across a range of medical practices.

UroProx (2nd place in Medical track)
UroProx aims to dramatically reduce the rate of ureteral injury by employing a proximity sensing system to allow surgeons to more precisely localize and avoid the ureter.

By using sound as a modality to quantify blood flow, our device, the Auracle, will be able to quickly and non-invasively capture data on access point health before each dialysis treatment without disrupting the normal operations of a dialysis clinic. 

Durian Saw
We are in the early stages of creating a safer approach to redo cardiac surgery with the ultimate aim of preventing fatalities from intraoperative adverse events.

Move Health, Inc. 
Move Health, Inc provides physical therapy over a secure online video platform.

Social Impact  

Luna Lights (1st place in Social Impact track)
Luna Lights is an automated lighting system that utilizes cloud based data analytics to prevent and detect falls in the older adult population. 

UProspie (2nd place in Social Impact track)
Uprospie is an online social enterprise that connects high school students and college students based on similar backgrounds and interests to increase transparency and accessibility to higher education.

MentorHip is an e-commerce and social enterprise platform which organizes in-person education as well as online, asynchronous, web-cam, MOOC, etc in a crowd-sourced marketplace. 

New Hope Ecotech
New Hope Ecotech aims to connect polluters with waste pickers via direct servicing and tradable environmental securities.

Profikio is an online marketplace that connects teachers with teaching assistants. 

sharEd aims to improve the huge disparity in early education in developing countries.