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Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation criteria for all stages of application and competition include:


  • Significant problem/need identified
  • Validated by primary or secondary research
  • Customer groups sized and identified

Proposition (Value Prop & Business Model)

  • Compelling solution with path to scalability or growth
  • Differentiated customer value
  • Demonstrated understanding of the competitive landscape
  • Business model outlined with realistic revenue sources

Progress (Progress & Traction)

  • Progress beyond idea stage (e.g., proof of concept, customer research, customer outreach, testing, product development, patent or trademark application, sales)
  • Proposal for additional funding to accelerate progress

People (Team)

  • Presentation materials and responses to questions demonstrate expertise, commitment, coachability, and a thoughtful approach
  • Immediate- and near-term team needs and skills identified
  • Commitment to continue developing the business beyond VentureCat