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2017 Semifinalists & Track Winners

Business Products & Services

Quickpulse (1st place in BtoB track)
Despite spending $40 billion on development programs every year, turnover has increased in China’s service industries as millennials crave meaningful work, recognition, and development. Quickpulse is the answer: because every person matters. 
Jessica Tsai, Kellogg17

Zcruit (2nd place in BtoB track)
Zcruit takes the guessing out of the football recruiting process, allowing programs to allocate time and resources in an efficient manner and improving overall recruiting yields.
Ben Weiss, School of Education and Social Policy 17

Dotbound is a website and marketing platform providing the tools and services golf instructors need to sell more golf lessons online.
Derek Larson, Weinberg 19

Tadpole is the only platform for pre-launch apps to gather user-generated content. Tadpole helps app publishers define their target markets, outline needed content and gather data-driven insights.
Jennifer Barron, Kellogg 18 

Consumer Products & Services

Welltended (1st place in BtoC track)
Welltended is the houseplant selection and delivery service for city-dwellers.
Carolyn Snider, Kellogg 17

RE-Bucha (2nd place in BtoC track)
Each bottle of RE-BUCHA brings to the table a premium kombucha that you would expect while also recovering and re-harvesting imperfect produce streams. 
Kathryn Bernell, Kellogg ’18

eRetirements is a website that helps baby boomers determine their ideal retirement destination and provide resources to help them successfully relocate utilizing a unique, data-backed algorithm.
Jared Scharen, Kellogg 17

JitsLab is a personal sports analytics platform that shows athletes stats about themselves for any sport or activity.
John Le, Kellogg 18

The Right Hook
The Right Hook’s comprehensive measurement system and personal stylists allow the customer to feel confident they are getting a personalized service and the best fit for their next bra, without stepping foot out of the house.
Roshni Khurana, Kellogg 17

Energy & Sustainability

Aerospec Technologies (1st place in Energy & Sustainability track)
Aerospec’s unmanned aerial system (UAS) efficiently identifies, analyzes, and predicts equipment failures to maximize asset performance in the renewable energy industry.
Lance Li, Kellogg 18

PedalCell (2nd place in Energy & Sustainability track)
PedalCell harnesses a wheel’s rotational energy into usable electricity and is designed for the bike share market.
Vishaal Mali, McCormick 20

Gibbs Lighting
Gibbs provides energy efficient LED lights at no cost to commercial and industrial buildings in exchange for a portion of energy savings.
Jonathan Shenkman, McCormick 18

Life Sciences & Medical Innovations

Actualize Therapy (1st place in Medical track)
A treatment solution offering university counseling services another option to address the behavioral health of their student population.
Smit Naik, Kellogg 17

ActiWit, LLC (2nd place in Medical track)
ActiWit is a wearable biofeedback device that delivers a personalized behavioral treatment plan for children.
Barath Anandakumar, Kellogg 17

FluiSure is solving the costly and deadly problem of fluid overload in End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients.
Andrew Cabodi, Kellogg 18

LifeMotion Technologies, LLC
LifeMotion Technologies LLC has designed an ergonomic “headphone” device with a series of motors to actuate the jaw for oral-cancer and stroke survivors.
Michael Young, McCormick, PhD

Social Impact 

Tiltas (1st place in Social Impact track)
Tiltas is a web-based platform aimed at easing the re-entry process for formerly incarcerated men and women  and reducing recidivism.
Tiffany Smith, Kellogg 17

Sidekick (2nd place in Social Impact track)
Sidekick is a digital assistant that enables high school teachers to turn current company problems into engaging in-class projects their students will love and learn from.
Chris Shaw, Kellogg 17

Spring Slam
Spring Slam brings its signature basketball tournament and outreach efforts to college campuses across the country with the mission of fighting cancer while bringing communities together through sport.
Aaron Kaplan, McCormick 19

Transportation & Mobility

Intelligent Flying Machines, Inc. (1st place in Transportation & Mobility Track)
IFM is a Data Analytics Company that uses Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Robotics to automate indoor data capture.
Marc Gyongyosi, McCormick 17

SHURPA (2nd place in Transportation & Mobility Track)
SHURPA solves the last mile of parcel delivery by serving ecommerce partners from order to delivery.
Jack Lowey, Kellogg 17

EaseDrive is committed to empowering a new way to use the car by providing to the drivers the opportunity to enhance their health while driving.
Marco Giovannini, McCormick, PhD

TravDel LLC
A shipping company that uses travelers to deliver products.
Vishal Padwal, Kellogg 18