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2019 Semifinalists & Track Winners

Business Products & Services

Dindin (1st place in BtoB track)
Changing the access to essential financial services in Brazil by facilitating financial inclusion of the unbanked and underbanked population through our B2B2C solutions.
Brunna Seabra, Kellogg ’20

LoudChat (2nd place in BtoB track)
LoudChat is a factory floor voice and video communication platform.
Spencer Glesmann, Kellogg ’20 and Dain Hall, Kellogg ’20

DealDock is a SaaS platform to automate deal flow management and improve analytics for private equity firms.
Nirmal Balachundhar, Weinberg ’21 and Shyam Mani, McCormick ’21

People6 cultivates student talent to execute digital projects for ventures.
Kristen Sanders, SESP ’19

Red + Blue
Red + Blue is the first and only mental health app for police officers and firefighters.
Jonathan Bateman, Kellogg ’19

Consumer Products & Services

Slate (1st place in BtoC track)
Slate is the first online marketplace for tattoos using personalized matching to connect customers with tattoo artists.
Alex Eng, Kellogg ’19, McCormick ’19

Scoots (2nd place in BtoC track)
Scoots is the world’s first plant based footwear brand.
David Costello, Kellogg ’19 and Wendy Kadon, Kellogg ’20

BeenThere is a marketplace that connects applicants to current MBA students for detailed guidance and advice on application and career prep.
Cara Morphew, Kellogg ’19 and Colin Keeler, Wharton ’19

Empowering from within: a new menstrual experience.
Christy Zhang, McCormick/The Graduate School ’19 and Hanna Lauterbach, McCormick/The Graduate School ’19

Empowering independence in the autism community through wearable technology.
Brent Chase, McCormick/The Graduate School ’19

the dose co.
the dose co. is a functional beverage company on a mission to provide women with a healthy way to unwind. Our first product is a ready-to-drink hemp CBD infused tonic that women can feel good about in the moment and great about the next day.
Suzanne Kay, Kellogg ’19 and Kimmie Carey, Kellogg ’19

Energy & Sustainability

LimeLight (1st place in Energy & Sustainability track)
LimeLight is advancing data to power the indoor agriculture revolution.
Phil O’Brien, Kellogg ’20

PedalCell creates the continuous and stable power source for smart bicycle technologies.
Vishaal Mali, McCormick, ’20 and Adam Hokin, University of Michigan BBA ’19

Carbon Yield
Carbon Yield sustains farmers in an era when harvesting crops is not enough.
Sam Schiller, Kellogg ’21

Juice Pooch
Juice Pooch connects urban live event attendees with high quality portable chargers rentals to increase their personal mobility and to limit the environmental waste of disposable chargers.
Ashley Austin, Medill MSJ ’19 and Josh Klein, McCormick ’20

Providing safe water through a social enterprise.
Dylan Radovic, McCormick ’19

Life Sciences & Medical Innovations

PreSight (1st place in Medical track)
PreSight is the first screening tool for retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) based on VEGF levels in the tear of premature infants.
Simon Yin, Kellogg ’19

Readox (2nd place in Medical track)
Leveraging remote monitoring and predictive analytics to keep COPD patients out of the hospital.
Avi Kazen, McCormick ’20 and Amit Gupta, Kellogg ’20 

Edith Technologies
Edith Technologies delivers personalized preconception guidance to mitigate the complications of pregnancy through a data-driven, artificial intelligence platform. 
Cheyenne Cazaubon, Pritzker ’19 and Lauren Moreno-Ellis, Pritzker ’19

Hubly aims to modernize bedside intracranial access through an integrated electric drill system that decreases operating room reliance and facilitates treatment for emerging indications.
Amit Ayer, Kellogg ’19 and Casey Grage, Weinberg ’19

Putting the CARE in wound care with innovative wound dressings specifically designed for earlier infection detection.
Anne Marie Kearns, Kellogg ’19 and Hannah McDowell, McCormick ’20

Social Impact

Maziwa (1st place in Social Impact track)
Maziwa is a tailored breast pump for working women in developing markets which alleviates the trade-off between staying at home to feed your baby and going into work in order to feed your family. 
Sahar Jamal, Kellogg ’19

FutureMap (2nd place in Social Impact track)
FutureMap provides post-graduate career coaching for first-generation college grads who need help navigating early career moves.
Sruti Bharat, Kellogg ’19

Evanston Development Cooperative
EDC builds sustainable, affordable homes by and for Evanston. 
Robinson Markus, School of Communication ’19 and Lila Reynolds, Medill ’19

Mod Urban
Mod Urban is the only national real estate development firm that builds quality residences in high-cost markets for middle class workers who can’t afford to live in the urban communities they serve.
Anthony Hrusovsky, Kellogg ’19 and Matt Dittman, Kellogg ’19

SECURED is an international 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that aims to eliminate mosquito-borne illnesses such as dengue fever by fostering innovation in mosquito control and education.
Shiv Patel, Weinberg ’21 and Sahil Doshi, Weinberg ’21