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VentureCat 2022 Semifinalists and Track Winners

Business Products and Services


Datum is a SaaS platform designed to provide End-to-end Privacy Compliance Management for SMBs.

Jonathan Schroeder, Kellogg ’23; Can Gurkan, McCormick & The Graduate School ’23; Stephanie Liew, Weinberg ’24

(graduate team)


Novinoor is a patented quantum modular chip enabling Conversion of off-the-shelf cameras to 3D LiDAR.

Xi He, Pritzker ’22

(graduate team)


PanFavorite is a SAAS platform that enables talented chefs and influencers to easily monetize their recipes and share their personalized online cookbook with their followers and biggest fans.

Justin Kamerling, Kellogg ’22

(graduate team)

Pyaari Weddings is a South Asian wedding directory where couples can shop for wedding vendors based on pricing, reviews, and more; and check out with a customized, DIY, a-la-carte wedding plan.

Raj Kamaria, Kellogg ’22

(graduate team)


Ridge is a web application that provides tools and resources to better manage the startup fundraising experience.

Mike Wise, Kellogg ’22; Sahana Rajanahally, Kellogg ’22

(graduate team)

Xenah Developers

Xenah Developers provides pre-seed startups with technical expertise and services while offering our student developers opportunities to excel in their field.

Niraj Shah, McCormick ’23; William Xenakis, McCormick ’23; Matt Beretta, Weinberg ’23; Herry Lenz, Weinberg ’23

(undergraduate team)

Consumer Products and Services


The Beni browser extension finds the best secondhand swaps while you shop your favorite brands. It's like Honey meets Expedia for recommerce. 

Sarah Pinner, Kellogg (MMM) ’23; Kate Sanner, Kellogg ’22; Sarah Leonard, Kellogg ’23; Sarah Rogers, Kellogg ’23; Hunter Zhang, Northwestern ’23; Jacqueline Hong, Kellogg ’22; Danielle Ma, Kellogg ’22; Ashkaan Khatakhotan, Kellogg ’22; Catherine Sullivan, Kellogg ’23

(graduate team)


BearRoom creates party digital board games to create a more accessible, dynamic, and engaging way to play with the people you call family.

Tyler Lee, McCormick ’23; Yvan Chu, McCormick ’23; Sofia Melendez, Weinberg ’25; David Yim, Weinberg ’25

(undergraduate team)

Cue the Curves

Cue the Curves is an app that helps plus-size women find clothing that fits their size and style.

Charlotte Oxnam, McCormick ’23

(undergraduate team)

Play By Numbers

Play By Numbers is a sports data analytics platform allowing people to place an educated bet by researching, creating, and testing their sports betting hypotheses.

Christian Nikolopoulos, Kellogg ’22; John Hayes, Kellogg & Pritzker ’23

(graduate team)


Out of the frustration of mainstream, one dimensional recommendation apps, Unfound has grown into a community where people share the places they love. 

Yasmeena Faycurry, Weinberg ’22; Spencer Fitch, McCormick ’22; Alex Gist McCormick ’22; Grace Liu McCormick ’23; Sharon Lin Weinberg ’25; Siying Luo, Weinberg ’23; Kevin Su, McCormick ’24; Maximilian Lou McCormick ’24; Frank Xin, McCormick ’24; Isaac Conner, McCormick ’23; Jeremy Tan, Weinberg ’23; Kyle Jung McCormick ’24

(undergraduate team)

Venture Health Studio LLC (VHS)

Our flagship product, Prism, is a unique device that creates the first major change to the wall outlet in an effort to prevent electrocution-related injuries and deaths in toddlers.

Chirag Goel, Feinberg ’25

(graduate team)

Energy and Sustainability


CarbonGraph is SaaS that automates the process of carbon footprinting so that companies can communicate sustainable advantages and capture the ROI of being more carbon neutral.  

Nicola Craig, Kellogg ’22

(graduate team)


REUSO operates an innovative SaaS solution that enables the reuse economy through the digitization of reusable containers.

Neil Misak, Pritzker ’22

(graduate team)


InfernoGuard provides prompt wildfire detection and notification to large-scale landowners.

Kevin Kaspar, McCormick ’24

(undergraduate team)


Vowe helps consumers safely and easily move on from their computers so they can be reused and recycled. 

Alec Atlas, Kellogg ’23

(graduate team)

Life Sciences and Medical Innovation

JupiterDx Inc.

JupiterDx is a digital marketplace that streamlines the acquisition of medical diagnostic tests for institutions, governments and hospitals, and helps lab suppliers sell their capacity.

Alexander Bahram, Weinberg ’23

(undergraduate team)


Luci is an app that enables cost savings by bringing price transparency to diagnostic imaging.

John Corbett, Kellogg ’22; Shane Visram, Pritzker ’23; David Jelke, McCormick ’23; Sophia Hernandez, McCormick ’22; Toby Barrack, Kellogg ’22; Max Edmonds, Feinberg ’22

(graduate team)


MyCareGiver provides a personable conversational AI caregiving experience, improving health outcomes by motivating patients to comprehensively and consistently follow their care program.

Tom Riley, Kellogg ’23; Paul Heyse, Kellogg MMM ’23, Abhinav Mahata, McCormick MEM ’22

(graduate team)


Nspire creates novel respiratory devices to improve patient health while decreasing healthcare costs.

Wadsworth Williams, Feinberg ’22; Olga Cuznetova, Kellogg ’22; David Kohan-Ghadosh, Pritzker ’23; Jacob Kurian, McCormick ’22

(graduate team)

Zuri Fertility

Zuri is a personal, digital fertility app empowering patients with the knowledge, confidence, and access needed to succeed in their fertility journey.

Blair Matthews, Pritzker ’22 ; Giuliana Zaccardelli, Feinberg & Kellogg ’22

(graduate team)

Social Impact

Explorate LLC

We foster global citizenship and help individuals realize their agency and capacity to make a tangible difference in global challenges through making international volunteering more accessible.

Sherry Xue, School of Communication ’22; Sara Kurniawan, Weinberg ’25

(undergraduate team)


GreenGrahi is a circular economy company engaged in turning food waste from food processing companies into high quality and sustainable protein, fat, and fertilizer for animal and plant nutrition.  

Siddharth Sharma, Kellogg ’22

(graduate team)

LIYA Collective

LIYA makes minimalist, natural fiber accessories sustainably made around the world that use digital storytelling to better connect consumers to their clothes.

Deanna Cook, Kellogg ’22

(graduate team)


Renota drives students towards a path of academic success and helps teachers manage their workload; our AI lets math teachers efficiently review student work and provide high-quality feedback.

Jake Erichson, Kellogg & McCormick ’23; Sara Chu, Kellogg ’22; Isaac Kim, McCormick ’24; Samantha Boas, Medill ’23; Jake Connell, Weinberg ’25

(graduate team)